Sunday, July 27, 2008


oooooookay.... this post was in the draft since 2 sundays ago, so i didn't bother re-doing it so that the date is more accurate... hehe.. just imagine this post is above the 'beware' post =)

k la, i finally found some time to FINALLY finish up this post


these passing week was DAMN eventful~

A LOTTA things happened, and for today.....

what made me VERY happy/gay (gay means happy, i don't care what you think) is.....


aku dayum PROUD *smiles broadly*

RM 64 for 8 hours is a good pay, which includes transports and a meal~~
at KLCC, banquet. service was Dome, which im still new to...

here are some photos we took when we're registering for the job =)

ashley & goon ee, peace =)

sonia's yeng pose with the unprepared maggie and 'shocked' bashinni

lining up to get our uniforms...

ashley saying 'hush!', goon ee playing with her hp and clement being short

yet another one of her yeng pose, BUT with her hair bun up
hahahaha she looks so funny like that

my moneh!!!! X)

tiring but im happy with my pay~

there was another job at Zazu (dunno correct spelling or not) restaurant in sunway lagoon. pays rm 50 for half day of work. not bad also. here's the plus plus part, it's an open bar~ haha curi minum the wine there also ok ah~

THOUGH i dont regret not goin, coz that day.....

i went to cheong-k at Neway with ivan, yvonne, andrew, byron and jackie~ the initial plan was to go with my 'family' though but since half of them can't go.... we invited other friends who could.

i went to sleepy mode twice hahaha, was kinda tired maaa....
the trip to neway this time was preeeeeeetty interesting la...hehehe
I HAD LOADS of fun~~~

no pictures during k coz too dark~~
heh heh heh....


last last thursday's pastry class...

proves how late i was at updating my blog

our new pastry chef, previously chef tan now chef azura
she's nice~

she's demo-ing for us

these are...kinda burnt at the lower part and just nice at the upper apart there.

it was so long ago... i forgot the name of this!! T-T

after pastry class, we had lunch at mamak...

dno wat sonia's doin....

about to laugh? hahaha

me drinking my teh ais~

cole vaining, kena interrupted by sonia's hand hahahaha


some other random pictures here:

this very nice cigarette box hehe

this cute lil puppy i got from yvonne, it's a handphone stand.. i think... heh heh

haha! here's a pic i took in college. spot anything weird with the picture? =D

here's another really random picture... do u see anyone in this picture? xD

turns out this is not gna be damn long after all hehe

too lazy to finish up EVERYTHING in just one post, im gna split them =)

easier for me to organise and upload the pictures

and for u all to read =D