Sunday, July 6, 2008

travelling is F-U-N

my FIRST TIME travelling on my own!! second to be exact heh heh

that first time doesn't really since i got teman with me, then my dad was at the airport to pick me up, this time i had to take the a bus to meet up with my cousin. i get that i'm-travelling-on-my-own vibe haha

flying from brunei to kl alone....
with Airasia: Now Everyone Can Fly *free advertising*

my flight was at 8.40 pm, i misread the time thought it was at 8. no wonder my mum wasn't rushing me to get back home =P

2 hours is a long time, but reading + sleeping = not so long haha

i bought my bus ticket in the plane, to get from LCC Terminal to KL central

i reached kl around 11 pm, late lehh.... i started sms-ing my dad and tony to tell them i arrived safely in kl while i was waiting for my luggage to come through the belt. and wouldn't you know, right after i sent the mail my sis called. my credit was running low that time, so i was kinda frustrated i wasted my credit.

tony called too, a short while later. to make sure i get in the right bus and all. . .

the buses were already there, i just hopped into the skybus which was so red that i immediately knew it's under airasia. i got a seat next to the window~

i was getting a bit tired during the bus ride, so i listened to some music i have in my NEW phone.

yeap i FINALLY got my new phone, the white Sony Ericsson W910i ~

my lil bro has the black one . . .

W910i Silky White

the 1st picture taken =D nisa was busy lookin around dee jay

apparently reading tsubasa when i took this picture hehe

the bus ride took an hour plus maybe, i didn't take much note of the time. i was just looking at the empty view and listening to some soft music. surprisingly how i didn't doze off. i just keep looking at the cars driving pass on the other side of the road and the lights. the lady sitting beside me fell asleep though, sleeping soundly.

it didn't even occur to me that i could have checked out my phone, read the manual and browse through applications in the phone, play the games even. i just used the camera to take a few pictures after recalling that i didn't take any when i was at the airport.

on the highway

i saw my reflection in the window and took this
can you see me? xP

hmmm. . .
i don't recall feeling bored during that time, but i seems i WAS . . .



when the streets started to look familiar, i knew we're getting close to the destination. i got off the bus when it stopped. i took awhile to get my bags out since they were 'hidden' behind the other bagS, i had to dig them out AND i banged my head on the luggage lid thrice.. ouch . . .

tony reached around 15 minutes after i did, i just stood there with the people who're waiting for their car. then i start to play games in my phone, like marble madness. i didn't know you play it via motion sensor! no wonder i keep losing....>.>

in the car, i called back home in brunei and my sis answered. told her im with tony now and on the way back to mentari liao, etc.. and RIGHT after i hung up the phone, my dad called! i tell you, his timing is TOOO awesome haha

tony claimed his 'rewards' when he dropped me off at mentari. which are the chocolates my mum got me to bring back from brunei haha. there were A LOT of chocolates, including Toblerone, Kit Kat, Cadbury and a lot more ~

i announce myself safely back in KL ~ !

i seriously need a haircut right now =P