Monday, July 7, 2008

forgot about these...

remember when i was still in brunei. . .

that particular saturday when there was an outing and only chuan ho and mak showed up?

i actually DID take pictures that day, didn't realize till i browse through my handphone hahaha sad isn't it? xD

we actually bought takoyaki from the mall before going to kiulap

and chuan ho's smiling while posing with our bus tickets lol

mak ate first and got the whole big takoyaki into his mouth xD

still smiling/posing with the bus tickets hahha

then chuan ho ate his share

haha funny face!

then my turn, the takoyaki in brunei is still as big as always! compared to the ones i've seen so far in kl la ~

long time since i last went to kiulap luu...

i was actually trying to take the picture of the seri q-lap mall, the one in the centre of the picture far, far at the back. haha but i forgot to zoom in and lazy plus my old phone is not in very good condition hehe

this is the new building which was built in kiulap, if it isn't really that new to you, it is to me. haha

the guys went inside to look around, since we've never been there before. and there's this donut shop called fun donuts. they wanted to buy some, but dno why.... they didn't... they just had a look at the donuts and left the place... why ah?? no money? hmmmmm

i didn't want any in the first place la.... wasn't hungry ~

we reached the q-lap mall and in front of golden. those two just stood there looking all sakai hahahaha

when we're going up the escalator, i took a shot of us. my old phone camera's still no good and mak's blurred..... T-T

i'm SOOO happy with my NEW phone ~~ =D

that's all the pictures i had fer that day~



i even called her back in brunei early in the morning ~