Wednesday, May 28, 2008

my 3rd service

SOOO many mistakes...T-T

Remember what I said about carrying 3 plates with only one hand?

I finally got a picture to show how it looks like…. I really took my time huh?

Transparent plates to see how the plates are held on the hand =D

i didn't have any trouble carrying 4 desserts all at the same time, BUT clearing ALL the main course and the bb plates is slightly impossible for me....for now. i need more practice... heck almost everyone else needs them too. the weight of em altogether is just unbearable. in my group, i think shin and vann are the only girls who could actually accomplish that. I SALUTE THEM!! xD

This week’s service was different from what we all expected, instead of gueridon service we
using banquet style for the serving.

here are some definition of gueridon service i found:

Gueridon Service:

This is a service where a dish comes partially prepared from the kitchen to be completed in the restaurant by the waiter or, when a complete meal is cooked at the table-side in the restaurant. The cooking is done on a gueridon trolley which is a mobile trolley with a gas cylinder and burners. The waiter plays a prominent part, as he is required to fillet, carve, flambé and prepare the food with showmanship. The waiter has to have considerable dexterity and skill.


A trolley is placed next to the customer's table and food is served onto plates from this trolley. Gueridon service also refers to cookery at the guest’ table. The waiter

will do the actual cooking of a dish next to the customer.

looks SOMETHING like this la,
of course the picture is taken from the internet haha~

Doing Banquet style because: Mr TB got us all a reservation of 35 pax and they’re all coming at the same time. We’ll have to work fast and serve fast. Vann brought her guests (parents), adding to a total of 38 pax. Mr TB said to reserve a few extra pax just in case, final total = 45 pax. Which doesn’t fit in at all, we only have 11 servers, 10 this time since Ian is helping out with the bar. IF there really were going to be extra people coming in, the VERY unlucky person having the table next to the extra guests would have to serve both his/her and the extra table.

Guess what? Me and anne are the ‘lucky’ ones. Actually not that bad lah, we got assistance from the others. I thank each and everyone of them, especially all those people who helped me open the door when i was having the difficulty to do it on my own =)

I find service quite fun actually.

AND according to my calculation……

I’d only be bartender only in my 6th term…… LONG TIME AWAY LA >.>

long time since i last served... 6 weeks ago, normal to be nervous lah~


1. my attitude when asking for something towards the guess x2

2. didn't check for finger prints on the plates, oily stains...

3. raised my voice, i NEED control....

4. beh-tahan, cannot handle clearing all the main course and bb's

5. coffee was left untouched for more than 5 minutes, not suppose to serve. i served it without knowing that....

6. coffee spilled on tray, wasn't even aware of it till mr. tay boon pointed it out

7. served coffee on wrong side, minor mistake...

8. putting saucer, cup, teaspoon one by one down on the table. if he ignored me for 5 seconds, i could have done this properly....

i think there's more but i should think more on the positive sides lah. i got a VERY NICE when i'm serving dessert =D shiock eh~ i carried all four nicely~

BTW, it's mr. tay boon's birthday today. SAME AS CHUI ROU!!!


we had cake that was baked by the taylor's chef(s). kinda disappointed though, the cake looked great but tasted normal, plain. TOO plain for these chefs... but the caramel and chocolates were DELISH though, i don't like the strawberries.. bleuck =P

fun day la~
after service i got to eat the surplus desserts which tasted really nice, soft and mmm..delicious~ especially with the sauce. i got a little piece of the saute chicken and well, it tasted excellant too.. juicy~ the bread was oookay la.. typical dry bread. the pumpkin soup i didn't actually tasted it, but it should be nice all the same.

then i followed ivan, clement, kit yee, hsu ann for their moral studies shooting. i'm not in their group, but they don't mind me being there =D i was there to be the umbrella girl.. FUN-NEH... after their consecutively shooting of the same scene to get the perfect one, ivan sent kit yee back home. then me and clement to mentari. i feel asleep in the car haha and i had a corn for dinner, i'm sleeping when i get hungry which is now.

good night~

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