Monday, May 19, 2008


HIV/AIDS Awareness Shortfilm

isn't it difficult to read my post? i mean, the box IS preeeeeetty small....
even i find it hard to read, heh heh


no class in the morning, soooooooo....
we started the HIV/AIDS awareness shortfilm~

location: library
jeann, ethan, shin, anne, byron were there when i reached. kevin came when i was running back to my place to get my completely white shirt to wear for the shooting. vann came when we're at the garden.

on to the pictures taken that day

this is the picture ethan put up in his blog by the way, the one which he puji sendiri on~

the picture's really not that bad, but it REALLY creeps me out lorr...

i'm scaring myself xD

"We want YOU to be a part of this."


just a random picture

ethan, with my butt in the shot haha

random shot by me~

awwwww ethan blocked shin's face


using an umbrella under the blazing sun~

there's actually shade under the tree haha

i can't seem to recall what i saw that time....

both jean and ethan looked bored though =_=|l|

 haha jokin~

when was this taken?


who's leg is that again?

if you're asking what kevin's doing.....

he's er.... following the flow haha

he looks so FUN-NEH! hahaha


the only class we had that day was accounts, and i thank ms vivi SOOOO much. she let us all out early, which was 2 minutes after she arrived in class. hahahahaha we practically didn't have class. wait.. we DIDN'T have class at all xD


we're having the hi tea with lecturers, not for the students la. it's for the parents. it's just like the PTA in high school~

if you think about it... everyone came all the way from their home for a class that was only to be called off, that kinda kicks ass if you live far, FAR away from college. but most of them were staying for the hi tea anyways~

since my parents are in broonay, my aunt and cousins came in their place. first time seeing jia chin and she cut her hair! looks reeeally different.... aiya, forgot to take a picture of it =.=

they only talked to 3 of ma lecturers:

mr bertrand said:
- quiet in class (am i now?)
- confident (i'm soooo not)
- answers when questions are asked
- circle of friends veli guuuud
- and some more i can't remember....

ms ruth said:
- first thing she said: wow, achieved quite a high score in geography *shiock sendiri*
- talkative (hell yea)
- but can control (hmmmm...)
- time management not so well (late for her class twice, of course la~)
- confident (i am NOT )
- handles work given quite well (.....?)
- circle of friends quite good, gets along with the people in class
- etc....

mr adrian said:
- definitely talkative (=.=||)
- should know when to talk and when not to
- confident (is it because i talk a lot? >.>)
- circle of friends : good (my cousin keeps asking ba~~)
- etc~~

AND i didn't know there was a buffet in the restaurant for the parents....till someone told me, FOC good food~ eheheh... i left the place when my aunt and cousins were still eating. i only ate a little of the food there~ sigh... had pizza though, missed pizza hut~ x)

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