Sunday, May 25, 2008

ignore my first minor ranting

by far, i've lived for 17 years 2 months 4 days 7 hours approximately. as of 24 hours ago, i've classified my life into 2 parts: fun & stressful


is the part of life where you enjoy yourself with your family and chosen few friends you've known and learnt to live with. when holidays arrives, we go travelling together. we go out to have fun together. when there's free time on your hands, you spent them together. chill together, just trying to kill time by being together, not caring what others think, possibly. and spend hours and hours talking, mainly crapping but some still makes sense. but who cares when you're having fun.


is the part of life where your family and friends put everything on your shoulders. eg, when there's something wrong, it's always your fault. when you do something that you can be proud of, people say you're showing off to them. when they missed out something that everyone else did, you're the cause of it although you did absolutely nothing. when you're in charge of something, anything goes wrong, you're the one they shoot and they're the ones who are always right.

when it all comes down to this, i'm the one to blame just because i'm class rep? hello? i didn't even wanna stay as class rep, i am just because no one wanted to accept it. unlike the other groups where the members are nice and happy-going, im stuck in the one which is full of people with 'small' hearts and always thinking of vengeance. i'm so quiting this job after this fucking term. i'm not saying i'm blaming all my group members. i mean, there's always a few bitches and bastards in each and every team and the one in mine is just fucking pissing me off.

there are times when i wished a few members of my group were kicked out, OR even better, never in this group at all.

that's just me ranting what i'm beh song-ing =)

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