Thursday, May 15, 2008

for mummy

nothing much happened in these few days, just that i've been having internet problems in mentari court, couldn't online for quite a few days. i didn't online when i was my relative's place too... Why?
wireless got problem also lorr...

events that come by and passed: Mother's Day

i'll be honest here, i don't recall much memories of when i last bought my mum any mother's day present, not that i did this year. BUT... i got my mum my first mother's day card for her. sounds kinda sad that i never got her any before... i really appreciate all my mum has done, all i can do to do is show her my appreciation is my results i got in my term 1 in taylors. because that's pretty much the only result i got in anywhere that i can actually be proud of. yea yea, people say i keep showing off or the term they always like to use: LAN CI. hahaha.

so im here saying:

thanks mum, and i scored best for term 1 assessments! aren't you proud? =D

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