Monday, May 5, 2008

another weekend with elena

elena actually gave me WARNINGS to not post her pictures, with exception of ONE only >.> i uploaded 4 in the end. hahaha. elena, i just couldn't resist...! i'll edit it if you request for it though ^^

here's the first one:

*picture of me and elena waiting for the bus*

apparently i was forced to remove the picture....ugh

haha i recall a lady giving samples of 'roller coasters' new flavoured keropok: curry~

this time, we went to midvalley. my first time taking bus in kl, i was very sakai that time haha xD think it was the same for elena. we dunno whether we should press the button to stop the bus when we reach our destination or not, so lucky that someone else in the bus did. OR else we could have just missed our stop. but maybe the bus would stop anyways... i wouldn't know..

elena wanted to buy new clothes. i was there to accompany her with her shopping.

what kind of girl wouldn't like shopping and trying on clothes in the fitting room? haha

first up, FOS

i tried on some blouses, elena tried belts only....

my eyes are brown~

she mentioned wanting white shirts, polo white shirts.

we're in Jusco by the way

and i applied for J-card

J-card = discount xP!!

*another picture removed*

still in Jusco.....

i teman elena try on white shirts, she chose that one for me. i give her face try it on nia~ haha

damn kek dao that i wasn't ready for the shot when i'm the one taking the picture....=_=''


elena complains that her pictures are ugly, comment people?

is this called vain-ing or cam-whoring? x)

i just want you all to see me in the clothes i'm trying on ma~

ever seen me in short sleeved shirt?

haha this one's ripped open xD

very interesting design no?

by the way....

it's NOT because i'm too fat ah!

next day: Carrefour

forgot to take pictures until we were walking back... i mainly take pictures when i have nothing else to do but walk =)

i left elena's early in the morning on monday, 7 AM.... class at 11 am, group meeting at 9 am.

here's kevin in jeanette's specs:



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