Wednesday, May 21, 2008


pain pain pain paiN PAIN PAIN!!!

actually okok la, exaggerating nia xD

cut my index and middle fingers while i was *mirepoix-ing in my kitchen class today

*random rough chopping of vegetables

service tomorrow ahhh.... i won't be late!

middle finger cut was deeper, OUCH! when the antibiotic was applied....

according to the guy at the kitchen office, chef tan's way of wrapping my cut is kinda wrong. made it worst... owwww... it looked SOOOO funny when it was bandaged up with cotton
covered with dettol. puffy~

i did took a few pictures of it... but my laptop's bluetooth is somehow not working, so cannot send the pictures.... then i tried taking the picture with my laptop cam. haha check it out:

the thing that made my skin yellow is the dettol right? =.=

already quite tired when i took this picture =P

lucky i'm not a left-hander. i had my food science assessment that day, if i cannot write... i would sooooo regret studying for the ass... =.=

haha i have another food science ass though, online assessment, only required to click. better than writing~ answering 50 questions in 1 hour... not enough time to cheat xP

which reminds me, mr adrian's online assessment..... really have to study liao.. his online ass completely impossible to cheat with the limited time given. 20+ questions in 15 minutes.... sigh hahaha. attempted and proven by seniors who took mr adrian's class before hahaha x)

i'd better prepare for tomorrow.. ciao~

am i really that ticklish? >_>

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