Tuesday, February 12, 2008

first post after cny~

IT WOULDN'T STOP...............................................till 20 seconds later.

obviously i'm being very wu liao~ hahaha

but really, i cut my own little pinky. while chopping an onion. =P

that was during my monday afternoon class. here's the fun part, we made dessserts that morning. they're known as choux chantilly and eclair. choux is pronounced like shoe, chantilly is like shanti. very interesting pronounciation^^ haha.. what's more interesting is the origin of the name of choux chantilly. coz choux means cabbage and chantilly means castle, so cabbage castle! lols~ if i'm not mistaken that is... darn it, i keep forgetting to take pictures T-T...

we're only required to make 42 of them so we had the extras for ourselves! chocolate - yummy~~

after that in the afternoon, we proceeded to the main kitchen. this lesson is to learn the chopping/slicing techniques of vegetables. and they all have french names which we have to memorize. here they are:
- ciseler : chopped lil pieces of onions.yes i cut myself while ciselering
- julienne : fine strips, eg carrot
- jardinere : thicker strips
- brunoise : fine dices
- macedoine: larger dices
- paysanne (just something extra) : flat small slices

the hard part is the limited time given to chop them and the regularity of the sizes... which is why, here's the 4 points to always remember:
- planning : time management
- technique
- speed
- cleanliness

* QUALITY & QUANTITY - most important

elena's bunking with me for the next few days, until thursday which is valentines. so i got back to my apartment after class, and headed to midvalley with elena to meet chuan ho. it's such a coincidence that they're both here in kl, hahaha. sadly, our meeting with chuan ho only lasted for around 15 minutes. that's just stupid >___<> or ask them directly through msn, phone...etc. your choice.

after our depressing(i'm exaggerating) meeting, i went for dinner in santa ines. invited by my senior, nicholas who's also the student council secretary. i forced elena to go with me. thank goodness i did. he initially invited 3 other members of the SC, but they all couldn't make it. to eat in the restaurant, one has to wear formal clothings, imagine elena in my clothes...wait, there's no need to - i remembered to take a picture of her XP

she's happy^^
too bad i didn't take a full body picture

the course that night was,
appetizer - soup with pasta
main course - roast chicken, ni was performing the cutting of chicken in front of us but he forgot how to cut the chicken and asked for help XD
dessert - pineapple flambe, at least he did a good job cooking dessert.

tuesday - black day
i wore full body black for that day: black blouse, black pants, black socks, black shoes, black bag.. 2 black bags actually, too bad my laptop's white.. haha for black~

looking forward to wednesday's kitchen practical ^^~

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