Sunday, February 3, 2008


even though i talk about my assignments a lot, i think i have failed to mention what the contents are. here are the 6 assignments of mine, the 7th one is on its way...

February 26th
Mr Vijay's IT- press kit, brochures, powerpoint, website
group member: jeanette, vaniessa, shin & me
introduction of taylor's

February 27th
Ms Ruth's Front Office- Hotels, examples
group member: individual
decribing 1 or more hotels and giving examples, powerpoint

March 7th
Chef Tan's Cuisine
group members: byron, ethan & moi
introduction of italian cuisine through powerpoint presentation

March 12th
Mr Tay Boon's F & B- Cutleries
group members: vaniessa, shin, yin & me
introduction of cutleries, ms word

March 17th
Ms Lay Bee's HouseKeeping- Service Apartments
group members: jeanette, vaniessa, alvin, ethan, byron & me
research on the given topic

March 21th
Mr Boey's Geo- Most exotic accommodation of the world
group member: vaniessa
introducing the topic chosen, poster or powerpoint

to tell the truth, they're not that difficult to accomplish. they're just very time-consuming, and the marks come from creativity

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