Thursday, February 14, 2008


i'll start with john and ian

byron here, sure hope he'll never see this =p

a very happy ethan

alvin looks like he's gna cry, maybe it's the onions XP

john and vaniessa, nice picture~~

that's chef tan, and that's me tasting the coleslaw^^

in the process of making the mayo

i'm the only one paying much the camera XP
does the hat look kinda funny?

mayo thickening~

ian taking charge of the mayonnaise

i think i was testing mayonnaise...yes, with my finger =P
i did it in a hygienic way

oops! the knife's on the wrong way, hahahahah!

im cleaning up, see how rajin i am XP

smiling for the camera^^

byron certainly looks happy...

whoa, looking good hahaha

this here's me and shin and jeanette

he's bending down so that i won't look too short, haha^^

took lots of pictures for today's class
by the way, we made potage cultivateur. translation: vegetable soup. learnt another chopping style, slicing strips of cabbage called chiffonade ^^ and how to make mayonnaise. learnt quite a lot on emulsifier... after class, i went to find ni to submit the t-shirt design of SC.

here's how mine looks like:
well, it looked better when i hand-drawn it.
i'm no good with colours, so i made it black and white~

oh yea, elena went back to live with her sis liao~
i'm back to being alone XD

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