Saturday, February 16, 2008


i think u can tell from the word what clubbing is. well, i said i think. it means going to pubs, mainly to drink, some people goes there to talk or something, business and stuff, all of which i'm not sure. i just go there to get first hand experience of how it's like. haha

i went there last night for the very first time! it is fun, really. damn fun. i shall admit, i drank and i got drunk. sis, if you're reading this, i'm sorry. although i think there will be a next time. XD i know consuming a lot is not good for the body, so i'll go occasionally. on times when there's something to celebrate on. such as the end of my first term final assessment! hahahahaha. i have self control u know..

nothing much happened, apart of the ugly side of me vomiting. yea, i vomited. according to my friends, i got drunk after drinking 4 shots. according to my senior, 'that's quite a lot for a lady' is what he said. before i vomit, i had a really bad headache. i got really dizzy, but they stopped me from sleeping. then after vomiting, i felt so much better. i was fully conscious again, but then i was conscious the whole time. i was aware of the things i was doing.'s as if i wasn't the one controlling what i'm doing, i'm just looking. i heard from mick that's how drunk people think they could drive. i was either too tired or too drunk to get home so i spent the night at my friend's place. not to worry, it's a she.

here's the thing i don't understand, i thought most people can't really remember what they did when they're drunk. everyone said i was drunk, but how come i can still remember everything?? maybe i just think too much, haha. maybe i wasn't drunk at all, muahaha!

only managed to take this picture, actually there's one more. but it looks almost the same. this was taken before we went clubbing. it was too dark in the bar celona to take any pictures anyhow, no one brought a camera. and yea, we're in the toilet XD

i know i look funny, so laugh all you want. i'm in a dress for god's sake, it's been a long time since i last wore one anyhow. and it's the 1st time i wore that dress. red plus yellow equals orange, haha


Amilyn said...

1. you look fat.
2. you are underaged no matter what you say because your age will always be less than mine. AHAHHAHA.
3. people never realise when they are drunk, because nothing in the brain is going to tell them "HEY! you are drunk!"
4. go clubbing more often and dont cry if you get raped or if any unholy accidents shall befall upon you. CHOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. touch all the wood around you. hahahahaha

collie~ said...

1. u always looked fatter than me
2. agreed..but my age will reach 18 sooner or later XP
3. actually my brain did tell me that hahahahahaha, i just rejected that because i was conscious XD