Monday, February 25, 2008

the passing week~

i've discovered colours, hahahahah~

but i always chose green though >_>
ba i'll choose other colours after i change blogskin~

today's 23rd february
happy national day of brunei? and happy birthday to xin txin, hahaha

so on 18th february - monday

i had f & b theory classes, and the assessment was on that day. guess what? i didn't study for it... well, i DID practiced on napkin foldings. i got through with the assessment quite ok, i think. the only thing i left blank was for glassware, which the answer is highball. i felt really annoyed to have forgotten that, although ethan wrote old fashioned glass for that, which is worse than me, hahahaha. i'm so mean.

19th february - tuesday

another assessment on IT, which is really easy. making a website with ms frontpage. i wonder why people tend to choose black as the background, more than half the class of around 25 people had that colour. i really refuse to do the same. i chose grey and maroon =P i think i scored 14, not sure if it's out of 15 or 20. if it's 20, i think i'll be emo-ing for a few days. that would be a very low mark, seriously. i won't be satisfied with that kinda result. don't see me making an effort though, haha. i accompanied ni till 6 that day, i'm so nice XD and borrowed 'twilight' from him, REALLY nice book~ i talked about how nice A was to walk me home after orientation night, and he walked me back to show his 'gentleman duty'. yeah rite. >_> haha

daddy come over that night~ and we had dinner at asian cafe~
tony was driving and choi ting was there, which made her miss her tuition class, haha. i was so blur that night that i ordered 3 lamb shanks spaghetti! cost RM 19.80 each. seriously not worth the money. was only able to cancel 1 of the 3 orders, good thing tony didn't order anything.
i FINALLY received the presents from ian~ along with a whole bag of new clothes from my mum....

my presents from yang and chia yuin:

jigsaw puzzle of a bearded collie XP

this is colliver~ and i love it!!~ so very cute~~~

i got this bear from chia yuin 3 months ago, haha XD

20th february - wednesday
f & b practical classes, really fun this class. we learnt the preparations of a table, as in what to place on a table first, which plate and/or cutleries, crockeries. my lecturer, Mr Tay Boon, wanted 6 to be the server and the other 6 to sit down and observe (be the guest). it was only then when we found out how even the number of male and female we had in our group, exactly 6 for each. surprising. the guys served first, so we girls had fun laughing at them, hahahahaha. but when it was our turn, it was their time to laugh. ha-ha-ha. guess that's fair. bleh~ will post more details on the table settings if i can remember. van, ethan, byron, al & me went to PNB darby park (service apartment) for assignment details. i didn't do much. actually didn't do anything at all, i admit. i couldn't concentrate when i'm in the office. if that sounded like an excuse, then let it be. near midnite, ni msged me:

ni: are u goin tmoro?
me: huh?
ni: movie? my bday?
hahaha, i totally forgot~

21st february - thursday

as i mentioned before, thursday my free day. but as student council board member, i have to attend the meeting which is held at 1 pm in the eca room. 2 hours before that, i find myself getting ready to go to midvalley to meet up with vaniessa. did i mentioned that i didn't know it was a student council meeting until an hour before?

here's what happened: i bought a ticket to midvalley, from an a**hole ticket officer. damn rude old man. i was on my way down the stairs when i recalled that i bought a touch n go card already. annoyed once again. at my clumsiness... i went back to my apartment rather than waiting for the train patiently. why? i forgot to bring my student IC, along with my t & g card! i so hate my forgetfulness. back in the station, i waited and waited for the damned slow train. also thought of not going at all, coz the time then was 12.15 pm already. but van was a bit emo-ing, wanted to drink. i had to take care of her, in case she does something. so i assured her that i'll meet her in midvalley with a number of msgs. when i was a station away from kl central, ni msged and said he'll summon snails to rape me if i miss the meeting, hahahaha. van gave in and told me to head back to taylor too, said she's on the way back also. so we were late, so what? al and ethan got there even later than us, muahahahaha~

meeting's on the best chef's competition, which ni is the head. all the people who attended the meeting are gonna be the committee for the project, and assigned a position each. i havnt got mine yet, i'll keep it posted. the planning is progressing quite well, it'll be held on 16th april if i recall correctly. the details i will post if i wanna advertise on it, what's the point though? hahaha XP

there was also a professional talk of the chef executive of le meridien hotel at 3 pm, which i now still dunno what's the talk was about. obviously i didn't pay attention. how could i? i can't find myself concentrating. reason? i have no idea, it just bored me. no offense to the chef though, he's a good chef and all. here's what i can remember about him, he's french, kinda plump. name: Antonio Rodriguez, nick: chef. easy to talk with kinda person. he's really happy with his job. i recall some more stuff, but kinda blur.... XP we, as in me, byron, al, clement & ivan went to play pool at the 7th floor while waiting for ni~ my first time playing and i got the white ball in the hole in my first try, geng leh~ haha i know i’m not supposed to be doing that of course.


then after that was having dinner and movie with ni for his bday. and i noticed i'm the only girl. haha. there were only 7 people in total only though. there's ni, byron, al, kevin, eigen, nicholas (another nicholas, yes i noticed too), and me. We meet up in front of annexe, and reach sunway pyramid via al’s new car, myv~ ni was there waiting for us with his own myv, hahaha. u'll be wondering why is a senior celebrating his birthday with a bunch of 1st term juniors like us, the answer's simple - he had plans to go clubbing with his pals at 1 am. lols~ but before that, he wanted to watch Jumper. so he made plans with us juniors. so......dinner at TGI fridays, NICE FOOD!!~ i shared a 3-course set meal with eigen, not like what it sounds like. the others had burgers. ni had a 2-course.

the others had to get home early, either to study for geo assessment the next day or just to get home early. i plan on studying for it the morning of the next day since there's still time before the assessment. so there's just ni and me to watch Jumper, haha. sad isn't it? if it weren't for me, he'll be watching it alone. what's more, it's his birthday~ see how nice i am, hahahah~ cheh, shiock sendiri... we walked around pyramid since there's an hour time to kill before the movie starts, we walked and talked.... until we got back to the cinema, but then there was still 20 mins. so we walked into the arcade, which is right next to the cinema. i had a token in my wallet, i have no idea who left it there. i gave it to ni to kill some time, i went to play DDR, XD it's been a long time since i last play, i was out of breath when i finished~ hahaha, really fun~ found ni standing behind me when i was done, he was clapping and complimenting me in a VERY sarcastic way... or maybe i was just too sensitive~

We got in the cinema before the movie started, although it was already showing the opening credits. Our seat was J-2 and 3. But the seat was already seated by 2 other guys. The seat J-5 and 6 were empty though, so we saved the trouble of asking for our seat back and sat there instead. Turns out that those were couple seats. I didn’t know that till ni told me, hahahahaha. Oh yea, we got popcorns and drinks too~ long time since i last had them, which was watching Hitman in Brunei with hui zhen, huat and yang~ Jumper’s nicee, i won’t elaborate on it though. Bleh~

About the movie, hau says: ok nia lar, the ending kinda disappointing tho.

22nd february - friday
i promised someone to wear a skirt today, so imagine me in one. That office lady type of skirt, along with a white blouse. I forgot to take a picture, cheh~ i had to borrow my house mate’s shoes to match what i was wearing. None of the shoes i had is appropriate. Then there’s envg class, collection of our RM 90 textbook. Haihz~ more money fly liao, but that was inevitable XP chef tan’s currently in France, so we don’t have his class. Meaning early break~ after breakfast/lunch, me and van went on our way to sunway pyramid to get some stuff. Listed like this:


Got shoes first, mine cost RM 165, van’s RM 169. Vincci, of course expensive lah. Couldn’t find the black-coloured hairspray van wanted though. Softener, van says she’ll help me get. As for contacts, hahahahaha. I finally got my first~ i got clear ones of course, my first leh. Although i really like the colour ones. Was kinda envious when van was choosing for colours the last time we went to there. My salesman’s name is liew ken yip, hahaha. How i know? It’s written\on the receipt XD a really nice guy who looks a lot like my cousin tony.

Hahahahaha. Good thing he’s not the type who goes really angry when the customers are too difficult to handle. It was really difficult to get the lens in my eyes, even with the help from ken yip. My eyes fear being touched~ i have sensitive eyes, hahaha~ got them in in the end of course, but took a hell of a time to. Felt sorry for the guy, although it IS his job. Don’t think he’ll hold any grudge on me, i DID apologize for the trouble and he was smiley smiley all the time. Mainly why i think he looks like my couz XD

Back in college after our shopping trip at 12.30pm, we kept all our stuff in our lockers and went to eca room for an impromptu meeting. Meaning i totally wasn’t able to concentrate on studying for the geography assessment which will be in session after a mere few hours. Half-way through the meeting, my right contact lens fell out of my eye! And van said that was impossible, i see anything’s possible with me~ i think it’s just because i bothered my right eye too much, OR the lens was on with the wrong side. Wasn’t my fault, first time wearing contacts, can’t help but feel in discomfort about wearing contacts. It feels as if the lens are hanging out of my eyes, and would fall out anytime~ which was what happened, the irony hahaha~

Meeting discontinued as we went for our geo class, the lecturer was late and i couldn’t get anything in my head last minute as usual. But i wasn’t a least bit under pressure that i didn’t study~ im still that care-free~ papers were given out and in the mere 15 minutes, no one cheated (i think). Coz if they did they would noticed, like i did at the last minute of the assessment that our papers are all different. Very smart of Mr. Boey to do that. It’s a good thing i didn’t cheat then, hahaha. That thought didn’t occur to me AT ALL though~ i think i did the paper quite ok as well, guaranteed absolutely NO full marks for me ^-^

since i wasn't able to concentrate on studying i took a picture of kevin:

he looks like this when taking pictures, hahaha~ so funny

We went back to eca room again to continue the meeting, van was in a hurry to get home though. Ethan had to accompany her, they usually take the train together after class. Then after around 5 minutes, al left too. And then there was Byron, ni and me~ ni ended the meeting and they were chatting the whole time, while i tried to rest. In the end, i move to the sofa beside Byron and fell asleep after we chatted for a few minutes. When i open my eyes, still in the position of my sleep, i heard a lot of different voices. Then i recall ni saying that there’s a meeting of the foreign members at 6 pm. i was like ‘shit!’ It was 6 already. With one leg on the sofa, i think the position i’m sleeping in aint pretty. i quickly rose up from the sofa, grabbed my bag and headed out. Still in a blur though, almost went out the door with ni’s bag. I was damn embarrassed, so much that i didn’t even remember to scold ni and Byron who were already outside on the corridor to wake me up before the people arrive.

Ni had to stay for the meeting as secretary, so me and Byron left. Ni asked Byron to send me home, i kindly reject as i wouldn’t want to bother Byron although he wouldn’t agree to it anyways XP Byron was talking to me about how ni was snoring and i slept like i was drunk while we were walking down the stairs, hahahaha. Saw desiree, eigen them in front of annexe. After a little chat with them, Byron went towards the KTM station to get home while i walked to the locker to get my stuff. Went back to my apartment, washed up and took my left lens off successfully~ fell asleep as soon as my head hit my pillow.

23rd february - saturday

woke up at 2 pm but i slept early the day before at 7 pm, weird....
washed up and got my contacts in for the 1st time successfully XD
went out for my lunch/dinner with ni who happened to be around the area. Had murtabak and tapau some back to my apartment for supper. Time just flies as i online, even when posting for this blog~ XD The time i took to refresh my memory and type down the events that happened. Kinda obvious it takes time to write something this long....hehehe. I tried to take my contacts off at around 10.30 pm; yang is the witness along with van and ethan. I only FINALLY got them both out at 11 pm. Haha. Left one came out easily, then right one was really stubborn. Right on~ I had trouble with getting the lens IN my right eye as well. The lens went in my left eye at first try, the right was like rejecting the lens’ entry hahaha~ Took a lot a tries for me to get it in AND out. I like my left eye more now~ hahahahaha... wonder how much i’ll like one eye compared to the other tomorrow?~

24th February – sunday
Having slept at 7 am in the morning, it’s only natural for me to wake up in the afternoon at 1 pm. That is considered early for me u know~ I tried to online at 2 pm, couldn’t get through. Van even msged me requesting me to online, saying there’s something urgent. I WANNA ONLINE NOW!!!!~ i really wanted to finish my front office assignment too. Since i couldn’t online, i lost the motivation to finish it >_> AND i found myself indulge in reading ‘twilight’ since i couldn't online, it’s really a good read~~~ successfully online at 11.40 pm when ian msged me, hahahaha~

random pictures~

pizza~ at california

martini~ i don't like them =(

waiting for lunch at campus mamak stall~

archery looks like fun doesn't it? it IS~

This post is so damn long...........haha XD

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