Wednesday, February 6, 2008

au revoir~

it's gonna be chinese new year real soon, so i'm here to announce that i won't be making any post for these few days. kek dao, i already didn't post for almost a week lah~

i'll be too happy getting red packets to think of posting hahahaha
my school reopens on the 11th feb, that's gonna be the first day of me wearing my chef uniform, YAY!! finally after a whole month plus 10 days.... i'm currently in my uncle's house, to spend the chinese new year(duh). we'll be going to my aunt's mother's house to have the reunion meal, which is a first time for me.

i'm spending my first chinese new year in kl without my parents and siblings, kinda sad, feels different. but i can still feel the same new year atmosphere, but then i can feel that almost everywhere. hahahaha

finally a picture of yours truly in the campus library~

that's obviously not my phone, haha

these two are alvin and jeanette (french name, so damn cool~)

that guy in specs is ethan,
and if u can see the shoulder there on the left, it's byron's.. haha

byron's at the back there,
and alvin with his new do - mohawk style

here's vaniessa, the closest friend i have here in kl
she's the one who's been showing me around kl & really nice to me

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