Friday, September 26, 2008

yay! my 100th post~

and it's gonna be about my little trip to Genting Highland with jackie~

i DID remember to take pictures~ hohoho

although not much =P

there's alvin, his gf, me and jackie~

we took the bus up to skyway there and took that up to genting, and reached at 10am+

lol random shot inside the theme park

11.30 am:

blur shot outside snow world, pictures are not allowed inside ohh... need to pay for the pictures (really expensive).. all four of us had fun inside, throwing snow balls at one another, and it was FREEZING COLD hahaha.. both the guys got the ice inside their clothes and we all had our hair covered with ice.. my first time there and it was damn fun..

and ohh... we even played the slide thing.. hehe.. my butt hurts playing that.. fun though =P

yien felt like playing the merry-go-round, and so.... hehehe

while we're outside eating ice-cream...

how smart is it to eat ice-cream in genting? hehehe

lining up to play cyclone, bet u all know what that is.... =P

the 4 seated mini roller coaster

we split up after awhile, and so jackie and i went to play with the fishies....

they're all like starving and hunger for food...

look like pasar haha

and i only just noticed their mouths are O-shaped..

tantan here feeding the fish~


we were so bored we both ourselves some temporary tattoos hehe

muscle-ly =P

he's loving it~

mine's almost gone by now, since it's closer to my fingers i wash my hands a lot ma... haha

we saw this funny cart, couldnt resist taking pictures haha

me me

we played the boat riding and i forgot to take pictures!! T-T.....
it was tiring as always but still fun ^^

they're having fun being young again haha

haha! tantan got stuck coz his butt too big xPP

lol see-saw-ing

hehe us too...

we all love playing with swings...

we really do... hahaha

jackie went to climb up there....

showing a sad face there... hehe

but then i was left alone, more sad la.. haha =P

wondering why we're playing all the kiddy games? i also have no idea haha

nostalgic childhood memories? =P

makes it look like we dont play the more exciting games.. haha..
NO! it's just that it's so fun that i forgot to take pictures +P hahaha

picture taking while walking

i feel so short =( hehe

this is one of my favourite picture ^^

and on we go to play the pirate ship....

smiley smiley~

alvin's floating up hahaha

windy fun~

he's really standing up haha

here's tantan getting a headache hahaha he kept moving around and standing up.. tantan felt dizzy after awhile... had to rest..

lol.. i dropped my phone 5 metres down to the ground! and it didnt break apart at all or anything! muahahaha...that's why i love sony ericsson so much hehehe it has a small scratch though =P i love my phone~

we went through all the fun rides and suddenly found the theme park very boring =P so we left for dinner luu~

at the food court...


sizzling spicy noodle~

claypot chicken rice
(not nice at all xP)

after this i forgot to take anymore pictures at all.. so we were walking around and around and around... then we saw people playing nintendo wii.... RM 20/hr is really expensive, but then nothing in genting is ever cheap haha...

we played anyways for only one hour, it was FUN! hehehe my 1st time playing i sakai la i know =P.. then there are also ps3 there... and tantan really wanted to play metal gear 4, i didn't know the game so i just sat there watching him play.. hehe (feel asleep xD)

then we went to meet up with the others.. haha yea a lot of other people who went.. around 16 or more i think. their plan was watching Mirrors at 1.15 am, tantan and i had no plan so we followed them... haha we almost bought the tickets for OSIM massage seats, good thing we didnt... it was TOO close to the screen...

i was scared watching that movie, i admit... my eyes were completely shut during ALL the scary scenes.. haha u'll wonder why i even watched the movie hahaha =P

after the movie, we went up to our rooms and chat quite a bit before hitting the hay...

we got complained for chatting in the hallway like this in the middle of the night hahaha xD

we moved into the room to chat also kena complain.. haha

that's the end of the first day in genting.... 2nd day no pictures at all though =(

2nd day

went for the complimentary breakfast
back to room till 12pm
tantan wanted to play ps3 again but it wasnt opened yet =(
went arcade-ing lo.. haha

took skyway down at 3, reached bus station at 3.20pm
no more 3.30pm bus tickets.... had to get the 4.30 ones
spend 30 minutes blur-ing and reading books
another 30 minutes getting and eating waffles, delish =D

finally took the bus and went down to kl and back home haha
tiring day ~

fun two days in genting ^-^