Monday, September 1, 2008

another convo

that i'd like to share
enjoy~ ^-^

.Fishßall. says: wats with the black font?
collie says: blogged.....
.Fishßall.says: yeah i saw
collie says: not my comp
collie says: im so lazy
collie says: i could be blogging RITE NOW
.Fishßall. says: oh, don't go drinking flaming shots while they're on fire
collie says: haizz
collie says: they get u drunk faster?
.Fishßall. says: you seem to be the kind who's be susceptible to do those acts
.Fishßall. says: no, they get your throat on fire
collie says: same same
.Fishßall. says: literally
.Fishßall. says: haha
collie says: whoa
collie says: such a lie
.Fishßall. says: don't treat your blogging like a duty lol
collie says: i almost did that
collie says: hua hua hua
.Fishßall. says: go youtube > look for flaming shots
collie says: my fren didnt get burn though
collie says: laziness kickng in
.Fishßall. says: well what the fuck
.Fishßall. says: @@@@
.Fishßall. says: is replaced by """"
.Fishßall. says: whut...
collie says: and SHE drank two shots
.Fishßall. says: shift 3 is £
collie says: got drunk damn fast though
.Fishßall. says: £20013382
.Fishßall. says: i feel so british
.Fishßall. says: lovely
collie says: >.>
.Fishßall. says: this calls for a british song!
collie says: oh rightey
.Fishßall. says: The Ting Tings would be a good choice
collie says: oh what the hell?
.Fishßall. says: gonna go eat sushi tonight
.Fishßall. says: oh bloody 'ell
collie says: damn u bloddy ell
.Fishßall. says: wot, ye bloody 'ag?
collie says: >.>
.Fishßall. says: so... i'm torrenting dexter's laboratory episodes
.Fishßall. says: just to get the PuppetPals episodes
collie says: knew it
collie says: hahaha
collie says: the justice league
.Fishßall. says: friends
.Fishßall. says: justice friends
collie says: oh ya
collie says: hahah
.Fishßall. says: MMMMAJOR GLORY
.Fishßall. says: VAL HALEN
collie says: aint it ur exam period?
.Fishßall. says: yes.
.Fishßall. says: yes it is.
.Fishßall. says: so?
.Fishßall. says: i'm sure you know me well enough to know i don't really study a lot for tests
collie says: oh yes
collie says: long time since we've been in the same class
collie says: or same school even
collie says: how could i forget?
collie says: pish posh
.Fishßall. says: we're losing you
.Fishßall. says: I know, I know I've let you down
.Fishßall. says: I've been a fool to myself
.Fishßall. says: I thought I could live for no one else
.Fishßall. says: But not through all the hurt and pain
.Fishßall. says: Its time for me to respect
.Fishßall. says: the ones you love mean more than anything
.Fishßall. says: So with sadness in my heart
.Fishßall. says: I feel the best thing I could do
.Fishßall. says: is end it all and leave forever
collie says: i've lost ya
.Fishßall. says: woah, yeet yang emo
.Fishßall. says: :p
collie says: is that a song?
.Fishßall. says: aye
collie says: a moment to NOT forget
.Fishßall. says: why don't u just copy all this and put it in your blog
.Fishßall. says: and call it a week
collie says: true
collie says: in the process already.....