Wednesday, October 15, 2008

and here's a story

the owner/author of this blog, she is currently in Langkawi, a certain island of Malaysia. quite a nice place for vacation, where there's no tax, where liquor and fags are really cheap(you can die cheap here haha) , and where everything else is expensive...

she's now in Starbucks, the only place where she can actually go online... and her msn is apparently not working... sadness to her.

this post is to summarize her life so far in langkawi, which if you stay too long there, can be a bore with nothing to do. the place where one can actually do some decent shoppings are at Langkawi Fair, Langkawi Parade and Jetty Point where only Starbucks is the only attractive thing that can be found.

but then it is kinda more fun than Brunei hehe XP

SO, she's working in this 5 star hotel known as Westin, Langkawi. And it is now her 3rd week there. Have to work a total of 10 weeks so there's still a long way to go. She chose to work in the Food & Beverage department first, so since there's 4 outlets in Westin, the name of the 4 are: taste, breeze, tide and splash, easy names to remember, huh? her schedule's divided into something like this...

Week 1-4 : Tide, seafood mediterranean beach cafe
Week 5-6 : Taste, theme buffet restaurant (main restaurant)
Week 7 : Banquet, handles functions
Week 8-9: Splash, something like a poolside snack hut..
Week 10: Breeze, lounge at lobby

something like that since she cant quite memorize the schedule. she finds it SLIGHTLY annoying that she's to be in tide for such a long time, but she got used to it and didn't wanna talk to the manager about it since he's an ass and everyone doesnt like him the least bit, except the wife... he's foreign by the way...

so the apartment she stays in is a mess, and she suppose its coz they dont have to pay for it, the hotel provides it for them staff. they even provide transport, which is a good thing. saves a lotta money for transportation. minimum charge for cab to go anywhere at all - RM 8.. killer...

she's feels that the manager at the restaurant she's in now doesn't like her at all and she has recently broke a very expensive glass

details of glass:
- worth of Rm 400 ++
- hard to place an order for
- need to be ordered from Australia
- she broke it and the manager jokingly said she has to pay for it

so she's scared... whether the manager is joking or not...

so here's the thing about her which well... changed...
and she wanted all your comments on.. if possible she wants positive ones but still honest opinions are better... still.... hehehe

i wouldnt say this is the nicest picture but only one i have haha

wait here's more .....

tantan helped styled my hair =)

this is called vain-ing, right? =P

at starbucks heh heh heh

i would like to end this post with lots of thanks to a few buddies i have in brunei, namely elena, mick, bebie ( LAO DA!) and the evernot changing ah tiong


and here's the ever known model for ISpi : Mr Spidey

he makes a very nice pillow and i brought him and rhino to langkawi with me =D

feel proud, MICK, and thanks for selling MR SPIDEY to me~!!

think ya all would know how long it'll take for me to post the next entry after this hehehe

apologies for the limited pictures, there are actually more but i just don't have the time =)