Saturday, September 20, 2008


my exams have ENDED!!!!! and lasted for 3 days, with only 3 papers

its really hard to study when ALL we studied for the whole year being bunched into a few papers
but then i don't feel relieved at all.... sad =_=''

updating some pictures that i should have updated YEARS AGO.....

something from one whole month ago.... heh heh heh
another sunway pyramid trip

hahahaha ALL the pictures are always at the same exact place

im sure a lot of people notices... we're waiting for the lifts and when it takes too long, we take pictures


still waiting



these two simply loves the mirror too much!! xD

ah-hah! a different location hehe

oink oink

inside the lift:

ivan and joann left the lift and we had more spaces to ourselves hehe

sonia cannot be found in the picture...

(blocked my cole haha)

again sonia just cant seem to be found =P

see the head cant see the face haha

HAH! i finally got sonia's picture down there!


happy group photo~

LOL random picture


these pictures are from my service one and a half month ago hehehehe

where the manager is this lady

strict ohhhh (during service)
funny & wu liao (after service)

i saw this REALLY ADORABLE puppy

but it's inside a glass case T-T

So darn cuteeeee~~


a lot more updates when i actually remember what i wanted to update..... hehe