Thursday, September 25, 2008

it's been 5 days...

wants updates? im doin it as fast as a can

here's something i wanna update before i forget (again) haha

today's 25th September...soooo...

i'm leaving to westin langkawi for my industrial training on the 27th, flying there laaa.. i'm not even mentally prepared T-T i don't even know what to bring!! i lost my wine openerrrr T-T

and yes, i cant blog as much as often coz im really really BUSY PACKING

and having trouble whether to move out of Mentari Court or not...


1) im gna be in langkawi for 2 months ++ but i still have to pay for my RM 560/month rent
2) if i dont stay for at least one year i cant get my two months deposit back
3) they dont even allow me to find someone to stay in my place while im away
4) my parents are still worried about me and wants me to stay there coz of the security
5) dont know if i need my passport for a domestic flight.....
6) no wine openerr... wait i can borrow... hmmmm....
7) i got too much stuff in my room, DONT KNOW HOW TO PACK!!
8) my relatives are too busy to bother picking me up from Mentari
9) how to bring a washing machine to langkawi?? lazy to bring to dobi...
10) my blog dying and im outdated from everything happening in brunei T-T

my parents made few calls back and the conclusion came to:
stay in mentari and keep paying till maybe around march when i go for my next training. i gotta find a cheaper and yet a place that can be considered safe soon... around next year la haha

its probably too late to move out now, and this is the thing my parents want. might as well listen and discuss again when im back from langkawi and them from brunei.

oh ya, im now bunking at elena's place to chill and pack at the same time. =P

meet up with her before i leave for langkawi maa~

on to the next post.....