Thursday, September 25, 2008

a whole month ago

elena said she'd post this up if i didn't

but then in the end, i'm still the one doin it hahaha

August 22nd 2008

Joyce and her grandma come to kl for a visit.....

both me and elena were really busy that week she came so it was difficult for us to find time to meet up, and so..... our plan was having lunch at subway before she leaves for her flight back to brunei.

although short, at least we had time to meet up and talk. we talked A LOT hahaha
not that i'm gna write down what we talked about hehehe P & C xD

and another thing that im glad we didnt forget.... we took pictures, yay~~

us three tend to forget to take them, pretty sad though haha
should learn from chai eng, vain all the time, get all those pictures for memories hahaha

here's a sweet picture of joyceee~
we were already finished with our subway sandwich then... haizzz~ should have started taking pictures when we reached the place.... T-T
me and elena both had a foot long sandwich~ very full and satisfying, of course with joyce's appetite we must all share with her XP

her hair looks better now, it was a bit TOO short when she first cut it.. =P

blur.... hahahaha

group shot, we were all so reluctant in taking this picture at all
funny times hahaha

got used to it after a few shots, wonder why we didn't take any more... hmmmm.....

we went to 7-11 which was just next door, me and elena teased joyce bout getting her a condom as a farewell gift, and she thought it was a box of candy hahahaha i feel so mean xD we didn't get it laaaa..... too bad though =P

and i wished her a belated birthday before she left...

awwww... i missed her liao =(

wonder when all those brunei people are planning to come to kl..... hahaha