Tuesday, June 15, 2010

so much to update....

so lil time............. or so i say!

my excuse for being lazy~

i post up in twitter that my lappie's lcd screen got cracked by yours truly... awhile ago. yes im that geng :D but half the screen is still see-able. so i was ok with it for a few days before i sent it to repair.

and so it is now in the sony hospital for treatment. hope it gets well real soooooooooon~

lucky i got that htc touch from my sis that i can online in my apartment.

BUT with limit!
- cannot load CERTAIN ppl's blog
- cannot load chatbox
- can only one site at a time~
- cannot use fb games/apps!!!
its somewhat old~!
cannot read or write chinese at all. so instead i'll see boxes where the chinese letters should be. a lotta applications cannot use also :/ slowly getting used to it though~
overall ok la, just laggy sometimes.

there was a day that i somehow forgot it had wi-fi..
in my head i kept thinking i had to borrow fren's pc or go to cc to online

so i spent that day cleaning up my room :D


that was wat i wanted to post LAST time....

hahahaha what i remember so far i guess.

for now :


hahahaha so much to pack and im still here online play play and somewhat wasting time ahhhhhhh still making good time~

my sis back in sg liaoooooo :(

and i shud pack before more time flies by ~