Sunday, June 27, 2010


today was TIRING!!!!!

including yesterday!

no pictures looooo sad, use imagination ~ super long word post

attendees : me, elena, lawrance, lao da, ong, shin(ong's sis)
wat we did : played badminton for 1+ hours
time spent in finding badminton court + parking : around 1 hr
total time delayed for deciding wat to do : around 1 hr

long long long long time since i last played badminton, and it took long long long time to decide and get a badminton court to play. still not bad my skills. average only but i still happy haha played at PGGMB there.

side : a lotta ABCD in brunei la! PGGMB, IBB, JPMC, FZ, RF, JP, HSBC, EWOUEKSJFHSOFJ sooo much! I cannot remember all!

shin shot a deadly shuttlecock towards my face! it was UNFORGETTABLE!! i felt the slow-mo of the shuttlecock flying straight to my face, would have hurt real bad if it hit my nose! got the matrix feel for that short moment, and i dodged it perfectly ~ if i caught the shot then even better xD

after that ~
lawrance wanted to eat chms kolomee haha so we went and eat. but sent lao da back home first coz she wanna finish packing her stuff.

after snack ~
ong and sis went back to shower and change and dinner then to my house.
na follow lawrance car to my house.
tiong follow my roller coaster driving skills to my house. on the way, tiong almost heart attack xD

go my house for wat? make a lil video for lao da as farewell gift

been planning this for quite sometime liao

but we all lazy so everything became spontaneous (elena's favourite thing to do now)

me and elena SAID to learn how to use movie maker before reaching brunei. . . . . .

. . . . . .. in the end lawrance did most of the editing =X

the process of it all was seriously memorable lo. jaw was cramping, stomach pain, lawrance falling from his chair. just from crazily laughing so much ~ :DDD

recording was fun, we took a lotta videos. mostly NGs xD

planning to make a 'the making of' but not sure when it'll be out, might/will take awhile

the whole thing was super spontaneously done. but eventually the recordings are done. *proud* ah tiong, ong and shin had to get back at 11pm. but their part was done. so we granted their request to leave ~

right after they left, 'dontchu all feel hungry?' says elena
when u're in mata-mata and u're hungry in the middle of the nite, NASI KATOK!
fat liao sure fat liao ! got a few pictures, put up tmoro ~ lalala

THEN instead of spending the time doing/editing the video, lawrance and elena had a ghost story session. which i was not trying to be a part of. it was so late also lo! made me scared i made them both follow me down to lock my house gate. it was eventually 2-3 am when we finally wanna start editing the video. so both of them stayed over.

when they started to drift out of topic AGAIN and AGAIN. i slowly feel asleep. til 6 am. in between i was semi conscious so i could hear them talking about the video and other stuff but i kept sleeping.

so when i DID woke up, they were almost done. yay~ then i noticed they both forgot to put in the special starting and ending we thought of earlier. sooo edit edit some more. at around 7 am, they both fell asleep. seriously tired. but no snoring though. my turn to edit. i did a lil more recording and editing then it was almost time liao ~

final touch was when ong arrived at 10 am (another recording), we finally finished the video + burning @ 10+am. lao da's flight at 12.20pm. so made it in time ~ but couldnt make the wrapping all that nice nice though, but its the heart that counts :D

its always fun to have a lil get together for a project :)
(even when we'd get super tired)

ooooooh that's not it . . . .

12.30pm ~
after sending lao da off. we had a plan to play pool. not swimming pool that pool. its snooker and pool that pool. hahaha

but we were all super hungry, so makan at this restaurant near supa save there thennnnn... pool ~ mana tau.... when reached there, it was closedddd. sad. so instead, went to my house again. do what? play ping pong.

shiock also. played till 2 pm. then my bro and cousin wanted to go to fitness zone. ok la i wanna go also and brought my lil sis along. i even called chia yuin :D spontaneous works for her! yay i like ^^

so lawrance balik wanna tidur. ong dun wan go gym. elena i send back. SHE LIVES SO FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (muara) lol interesting though. i drove on new roads which i dunno haha, and didnt get lost. took some time thoughi called my mum to ask directions, she was scared i'd get lost ~

was active for 36 hours with 3 hours of sleep in between o.o

THEN not one, not even two, but three lorries had to be in front of me D: suuper slow and i was rushing already. coz my cousin was waiting since 2 pm then i finally picked him up at 3.30pm. since i was tired/sleepy, i think i had a few times which i temporarily dozed off and almost hit the car on the other side of the road.

scaryyyyyyyy! and i had 2 kids in the car!

so then after a long long long drive, finally at the gym.
i super sakai coz never been to a gym before, seriously.
my bro got annoyed & frustrated coz i kept asking stupid questions :D

cyuin reached after awhile. she drove there! (almost) everyone knows how to drive liao ~

are gyms always so empty? only a few ppl there. i like. haha. coz i do wrong things also no one sees :D

me, cyuin and my sis went to play with the equipments for building abs. we touched every single one of em ~ then cyuin was having fun with one particular one (didnt check the name) then when she wanna leave, she forgot to slowly land the weight first then it went "KIANG!" really loud like when metals clash together. one of the trainer came over to see what was wrong. good thing nothing, he just said to 'do it slowly' lol

- spent more time on the treadmill. i ask my bro, he was on the treadmill running already :

me : how to use wan?
bro : just click
me : which one?
bro : that one, then set the speed
me : oh how much?
bro : anything

i dunno anything so i simply pressed 10, little did i know it was 10kmph ._.

feeling the treadmill going too fast, i stopped it after embarrassing myself a bit.

me : pian wo ah??
bro : run only maaa. run nia

wanted to punch him then, but hands too short

- indoor rock climbing!!! a real workout, my whole body was sweating after climbing it, nice! feels great to sweat after so long never exercise ~~~

- there was a room with mirrors and a lotta exercising balls of different sizes. fooled around with them coz no one was around.

- got bball & volleyball court. all guys. plus lazy to get there. saw punching bags outside a room then when opened the door wanting to play with the bags, it led to a toilet. super cha dao

- swimming pool for ladies only from 2 - 4 pm only o.o it was already past 4 and raining quite heavily.

- spent some time rowing, and the other equipments (dunno the names) AND stretching ~

- hula-hoop with massaging functions i think lol
i tried hula-hooping on the 脚底按摩 thing, PAIN!! cyuin also tried, we both beh tahan

cyuin left early coz got korean class. cyuin stop learning so many languages! im feeling inferior already ~ i got french only haha :P

BTW, i found out i only had ONE more picture of my cake only hehe

so i'll put it up after i had the details :)

bonne nuit ~


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