Wednesday, June 23, 2010


im at the airport online-ing = shiock

hahaha i arrived at ze airport uuuuuuuber early so i had lotsa time to spare. taking MAS this time so im at KLIA right now.
there's no starbucks at the er.. gate where im boarding so i took the other side of the airport~~ :D

me loves starbucksss ^^

sudden mood to blog. coz maybe too early nothing to do now hahaha

hmmm almost 10.30am.. it says here i should board the gate at 11.25...

sounds like plenty of time :) i'll finish up this entry before i go ~

so rare i got mood to write down now so mua-ha-ha ^^

soooooooo early this morning..

6 am : woke up
6.15 am : snoozed til this time
6.45 am : showered and readied and packed the petai + steamboat stuff into bag
(they're souvenirs from my relatives in kl to my parents lol AND THUS the ULTRA HEAVY BAG) plus er... not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR bags of coffee o powder ~
i've brought the BIGGEST bag i had this time, im so not gna use it again (suffer just to carry)

6.50 - 7++ : makan breakfast (chu yuk fun :D)
7++ - 7.40 : my egg sent me to train station to take KLIA transit ~
7.40 - 8.10 : stone there till train arrives o.o
8.40 : touchdown at airport!!

super early but checked in also right after i reach and rid of my SUPER UBER heavy bag~~~!! :D turns out its 28 KG!! gila eh.. my weight limit is 20kg. i knew that. but everyone around me keeps saying its ok. its nothing so i also okok lo. but also holding that fear that they overcharged/cannot pass through/bo lui/ etcetcetc... i know, i think too much!

sooooooo anyways. the guy at the counter says that he allows another 5 kg, i shiock! then have to pay RM1o per kg. so paid the 30 aaaaaand im free from the 28kg luggage till i reach back in bruuuuuuuuunei~~~~

ahhhhh msia airport quite sien also lo. lucky they provide free wifi

if not sien til die haha

use phone online quite cacat-ed so i try again later when im in the boarding gates. wheee~

erm erm erm.. time now : 10.38am

i probably SHOULD get ready to go to my boarding gate. ahhhh i sit in starbucks till too comfortable liao hard to get up~

oh ya went to sing k a few daya ago and noticed my right thumb nail broke. gone. super short nails liao. :( of all my 10 finger nails to patah it had to be my right thumb touch screen also susah to use :/ and i rarely use the stylus ~

better get there early, as my sis said to me before : poi ki bo dan lang harrr


here i come brunei ~

feels like i have so much more to write but but but i should find the right time to write. lalala~

ciao see u ppl in brunei. make plans!!


流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

nice blog, nice to sharing,
nice to meet u ;-)

Marlene J. said...

haha cool stairs :D