Thursday, June 24, 2010

its morning and im up?

was up at 6, would you just believe that??

hahaha shhhh.. me dad's still sleeping ya know ~

its 24th JUNE! daddy's birthday!!

*hug hug and wishes when we wakes up

my mum went back to limbang for the night for xi jiu (er.. wedding dinner) there soooooooooooo for me who JUST reached back in brunei. my mum gave me a mission to take care of the 'kids' while she's away. wheeee~

oh btw i touched down in brunei @ 2.35 pm yesterday. yes yesterdayyyyyy

i feel welcomed already! but i havnt seeeeeeen ANY of you YET!

booked for friday and saturday though :DDD

wheeeeeeeeee gonna see elena after er....... SOOOOOOOOOOO long!

and of course everyone else toooooooo ^^

before u all escape from brunei to some far far away countries :D

er wait wait where was i?

hahaha im gonna write down my schedule for yday


2.30 +++ pm : touch down!
3 ++ pm : HOME! and half emptied my HUGE bag off those steamboat stuff + coffee
- then mami balik kampung and left me with THE kids
online online chit chat with lil sis : she has an iPad!!! steal and play hahaha

5 pm : *thinking : i should cook dinner liao. continue msn chat + fb
6 pm : baru cook :D actually nothing much to cook. coz mum cook the meat liao. have to 炒菜 only. aaaand i left that job to my lil sis coz she said its easy job hahha im so lazy. the veggie came out er... bitter lol we all ate them anyways ~ + ham and egg. rice mum cook also liao. dinner done!

6.30 pm : rush rush hang up clothes after forgetting to check the washing machine AND have to send bro to tuition at MUARA. THAT is FARRRR... managed to make it in time. then on the way back. ALMOST got lost, my lil sis with me in the car also. good thing brunei not TOO big. and im not too 路痴 wheee~

then then reached home safely. tengok tv. watch movies : stephen chow's Love On Delivery aka 破壞之王 super old movie haha

didnt manage to finish though. had to fetch bro back from tuition. but watched this for the n-th times already

aaaaaaaaand another trip to muaraaaa~
msg-ed elena on the way, or so i think!
maybe can go find her or something. she moved there liaoooo. so far here D:

at nite when on msn chat with her baru found out, msg-ed wrong number! lol

10 pm : took THE kids' uniforms up to iron. im not a good iron-er! always take very long time to iron wan! must practice some more. hmmmm... finished ironing and clothes folding at 11 pm.

should be sleeping liao. BUT! my room/bro's room (same room)'s door knob broke earlier in the morning. i dunno ma! no one tell me! then we, i locked ourselves in by closing the door o.o!

twist and turn the door knob also no use.
credit card. nope.
screwdriver. there was 2 in the room i dunno why! it was too thick cannot fit
er.. ruler. too soft.

called dad who was downstairs watching football. actually didnt wanna disturb him but no choice. locked in liao!

aaaaaaaaand papa to the rescue! from inside and out also cannot open the darn door. soooooo my very 伟大 dad climbed to our room (2nd floor) from the window! i think his slippers are still outside my window now. and he took the door knob out ~

can seeeee?

door knob gone ~ my sis says the room will be 漏风 with a hole there hahaha

oh btw i dun think i put this pic up yet its my bday cake this year

suddenly noticed it in my pictures ~

CUTEST ONE i had !!! ^~^

all thanks to tantan ~ ^^^^^^

my mum says it looks like spiderrrrrrr!!!! lol i geram hahaha elena says it looks like cat. WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE TO YOU???? i wonder what anyone'll answer ._.

and that lil gal there's my nieceee, really naughty punya


ahhhh feeling tired already, time now : 10.54am
not enough sleep last nite and waking up so early ._.

morning :

5.45 am - alarm rang
woke THE kids up but i snoozed til 6 :D

6.25 am - left house
half way driving : i noticed i didnt take my contact lenses off last nite! ahh no wonder my eyes felt so tired when i woke up. dropped them off. NO TRAFFIC!! so happy

7 am - reached back home, on the way back saw lotsa car going out. yay no need jam with them ~

wahhh so early wake up. couldnt sleep but now feeling tired liao. dun think mum's gna be back in time to fetch THE kids. so i nap awhile. hope i dun oversleep! hohoho

from 7 til now, i.....

- cleaned the bathroom : dunno why so dirty tilll.... beh tahan must clean
- dishes
- laundry.... will do later
- open windows, off the lights
- online!
- had 2 pieces of bread, HUNGRY!!
- lazy-ing ~

wanna sleep liao!! ciaos~!

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