Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a few new widgets

my blog's been pretty much empty and well, boring. i guess

so when i see other ppl's blog, i suddenly feel semangat to put new(old) stuff on also.

from vicky & koyu's blog, i see :
Feedjit - The Live Traffic Feed

can see which country ur visitors are from, it's nice so i put :D

but then just a few days passed and i see visitors from places i've never havnt heard before : Scituate, Cracow, Malopolskie, Rexburg ??

something wrong there or really got ppl from there visiting or something i did wrong?

it says viewed :
"determintation. wil.. to... diet!". correct lo. but its so weird o.O

then there was david's blog :
i saw some fishes swimming about. they follow where my cursor. its really cute so i clicked it. i was expecting there to be another link, but instead im dropping food to the fishes. its seems like such a simple action, but it's just fun to do. so i added a few others ~

feed my ham ham ahhh! just click to pop the food in. it'll automatically drink the water when it wants to. then u can click the centre of the wheel for ham ham to go back to running ~

aaaand the typing game slightly below. im like typing games, improves my typing. im training myself to type without looking at the keyboard :D there's always typo when i do but im still practicing!

oooooooh and one more, something which i dunno why i didnt put early early when i started blogging : Hit Counter *smacks head

so i'll start from zero, must start everything from the bottom ~

im very sakai and outdated and lazy baaa...

some things just takes time to do hehehe

saw a few long long time ago and now finally im adding them in
(maybe coz im in brunei, motivates me more. lol!)

bonjour ~
(practicing my french!)

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