Monday, March 15, 2010

training interview

yea i had training interview today.

they called for the interview last thursday.

heard cole also going for the same place, Milestone Production

so i was thinking of following her there.

mana tauu... my runny nose got worse and fever came along

felt real sick then, even went to see doctor

got mc for the day ~

but there was assignment in french class that day so since im not THAT sick, i went for class. but for french only wheeeee~

when i reach back to my room, eat med then sleeeeeeeeeep coz being sick i have to rest a lot :D

but i didnt feel any better when i woke up, got mc for the 2nd day :D

my fever by then was already ok. but my nose was badly jammed up then

sometimes partially jammed, sometimes fully jammed and i dun like breathing with my mouth, i believe it makes my breathe bad

i've blown out damn a lot of mucus these few days! disgusting i know but then im sickkk maaaa

was resting n sleeping n assignment-ing n blowing my nose out the past few days

ohh and tension-ing for the interviewwww

followed david to the place, went rounds and rounds looking for the darn place

the simpang number all messed up dunno where to find lo

so we took awhile...until really beh tahan

so david called the interviewer to lead the way

during the interview:
david took less than 15 minutes
but i took around an hour O.O!!

coz difference interviewer loooo... he's just talking

mine includes filling in the form, talking, and writing essay! D:
which i think i screwed all of them up

i blabbbbbed when i got too nervous. i didnt research about the place the nite before!! i did a few weeks back though but i cant remember! *sighhh

but its over now, just hoping that its ok later

plus im still sick (one nostril jammed up) and last assignment to finish! due on friday ~