Thursday, March 25, 2010

drop dead tired

i got a few things i wanna update on

but im SERIOUSLY tired

somehow forced myself to sign in here though

im practically dozing off while still clicking my mouse and watching the screen~

and before i forget(last week's stuff):

19th March, Friday
- celebrated st patrick's day @ 1U
- got free face paint on my left eye, looked like kena punched
- temporary tattoo spray on my neck, 3 leaf clover
- drank guinness, didnt like it. prefer hoegaarden, smoother taste :D
- ALMOST got a free polaroid shot, they ran out :(
- played card while waiting for time to pass: King Decide haha made goon ee dance cha cha and screamed in public. sonia was too lazy to move so made her drink more
- got Glee to watch thanks to kumar! :DD

20th March, Saturday
- pre-celebrated my bday @ Neway 1U
- stuffed with delicious food and satisfied ~
- went back to relative's and they were planning to go malacca the next day
- midnite movie cancelled to sleep early for malacca

21st March, Sunday
- malacca~ ate chicken rice ball for the 1st time, not nice D:
- AFamosa~ water park only but still fun ^^
- relative got cheap bungalow with swimming pool from matta fair
- dinner ~ steamboat in bungalow :)


22nd March, Monday
- law class cancelled, leaving only french class for the day
- decided to skip and enjoy another half day in malacca :D
- ended up just playing ramee til around 1.30
- got tired and nap til round 3 when wanna balik kl
- reached back at nite

23th March, Tuesday
- part-time-movie-premiere-look-out-guard for How to Train Your Dragon, typical animated movie BUT i like~
- earned RM60 for just standing there watching movie for 2 hours :D

24th March, Wednesday
- finally went to chinese mamak outside college with some better food than in campus
- management tips from lecturer

25th March, Thursday
- overslept for english
- reached college to find out purchasing was cancelled
- 3.5 hrs break~ went out to makan @ SS15 chicken rice, nice
- then wanted Snowflake for dessert, but closed til 1pm
- reached at 12.30 damn super extremely hot day
- went back to college instead
- marketing~ was sleepy throughout the class
- french~ was blur the whole class but still ok

My training placement is Milestone Production, i got accepted. yay. and 1.5 day after they confirmed with me, they text me saying their internship quota is full and cannot accept me. WOW! at least call me to say that! ur company INTERNATIONAL ma, earn a lot ma, cannot afford to call me? superb man superb

good also la in a way, its farrr and i'd feel bad to trouble cole to drive me everyday. she CONFIRMED training there d. not me though, not me.

so me and josephine(also rejected by dessert's bar) went to LCS to find placement, deFine seems like a nice place. now i have to print out my resume n application letter loooo. kinda troublesome, have to go career centre to have it printed out now. whee~

i hear a lotta ppl getting rejected from their placements for this training, including myself. Hard to find job nowadays laa, and we're just applying for 8 weeks of training leh~

ahhh life, not going so smooth for me at the moment. im tired

nites ciao~

ps pictures are easier to post in fb, might put a few here later on :)


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