Wednesday, March 3, 2010

now here's an update

the previous post with the colourful-ness is annoying already haha

but im SUPPOSED to be busy with my assignments ya know~

and im doing them right now, somehow...

ooooooooh i just got my mid term paper for management class back, and i scored 14.5

OUT OF 30!!!!! GAH!

do u think there is a difference between 'time management' and 'THE management of time'?


and just that is worth 1 mark. i hate the person marking this paper already. pfffft! the rest of the paper was equally stewpit.

i am so gonna memorize EVERY single words in my notes for this subject for the finals.

my mid terms still on going, but this is the worst i got lehhh - for this term. for now.

now back to assignments, not gonna get myself distracted. hopefully.