Sunday, March 14, 2010


yeaaa still coughing, still sick

and my voice keeps coming and going

seen the doctor 2 days ago. said i have slight fever

fever's all gone but my throat is not getting any betterrr~

nose too jammed up, all the mucus! i've used up one whole box of tissues already, and counting... its endless!! i even coughed out a lot D=

aaaanyways, no excuse. still have to finish up my assignments

i have 2 assignments due this week:

16th March 2010 - to be handed in personally to lecturer in his class ONLY
- ECONS (f-ing hate this subject, i dun even get what he's trying to say!!)

18th March 2010 - leave the file in the ditigal dropbox
- .... gna finish today... i hope

aaaaaaand on my way to finish it up now