Thursday, February 11, 2010

rainy days

its been real rainy these past few days in kl

AND the afternoons were freaking hot

i think i got myself sunburnt! feeling hot around my face area

plus my cheeks are constantly pinkish

or am i sick?

i was walking in the rain a few hours before, totally soaked

because while walking halfway through the longest pasar malam in malaysia, it started raining. it was drizzling at first, then stopped.

and then a sudden downpour of heavy rain woohoo~

plus i have nothing left to buy, other than brassieres for me grandma (lol) so instead of standing around under the big stall umbrellas, i got outta there and in the process having myself drenched in rainwater.

good thing i was wearing black, slippers and short pants hoho

had a shower the moment i got back, refreshing~

AND i should be studying for my P&S mid term tomorrow :D