Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i very semangat to blog suddenly :D

but not sure what to write about.......

lazy-ing from posting up any pictures~~

i'll let my thoughts run out randomly then~

sooo... gym.

chia yuin! on ah!! when i get back there we are so gonna exercise hahaha need to burn some calories and that tyre round my stomach area.

oooh i know liao i can write about things to do when im back :D

- mummy and daddy's BIRTHDAY~!
- family time~
- gym
- borrow chuan ho's wimpy diary
- spend time with my boss before she leaves brunei
- find long lost friends & buddies
- mind exercise
- TIS report
- blog more?
- read more
- bowling
- swimming
- badminton
- tennis : find court first
- ping pong @ home, improve my fantastic ping pong skills
- etc...

which reminds me. my english seriously deproving T-T lotsa words that i knew before are all leaving my brain and its getting slightly harder to absorb new stuff in. OMG im getting old! nooooooo

i have short term memory lost, proven. everyone knows that. ahhh

so now im trying to read more books. and then i noticed how my chinese is also deproving. i keep using the wrong words at the wrong time, and a lotta these times.. embarassed myself wheee~ it makes ppl laugh so ok la~ i managed to entertain ppl hoho

i had dentist appointment last sat. at 1pm. my work ends at 1. so when i finished my stuff it was already 12.50pm so i quickly changed and rushed to the dentist just to find out..... my dentist was on leave. yay i rushed for nothing and had to wait till next monday to do my braces. ish. never call me ma. no need to inform ur patients ma. made me missed a wonderfully free lunch at the cafeteria D: and i saw how nice the food were that day. can see but cannot touch~

sooo next monday i will be having a slightly longer break to see the dentist~ :D

i've been doing this part time job. really shiock wan. not sure if i wrote about this before but anyways. it involves watching movies :D

getting paid to watch movies leh~

plus its only for movie premieres

basically the job is like being a body guard during a movie premiere. get to watch the movie before its out~ but have to pay attention to ur job also : making sure no one is using their phone when the movie is running.

nice kan? haha but leg sore from standing for as long as the movie last~

easy job which one can enjoy and train leg muscle xD

been doing a few movies already, lemme recall....

- wolfman was the first i did, almost fell asleep doing that one
- how to train a dragon ( totally enjoyed this one)
- ironman 2 ( :D )
- robin hood ( okok la~ )
- a few more which i just cant seem to remember
- shrek the final chapter TOMORROW!!!!! xD

soooo looking forward to tomorrow~

oh i know, sleep now so tomorrow will come faster

nites! ciao~


Vicky 刘宁 said...

shrek!!!! i cant wait too XD

collie~ said...

yea yea! i watch d~ i prefer the first few movies though~ i watch 3D till headache >.<