Sunday, May 16, 2010


now that mick is updated in her blog. makes me wanna update a few stuff lo.

been very much outdates here. sad. but not as motivated to blog everyday anymore.

hmmm.. shit im getting lazy

so since im writing already....

im having my intership now. already in the 5th week starting tmro! so fast, cant wait for it to end. coz when it does, say hello to holidays! but there's still those stupid report to write and finish before my holidays end. pfft! while i find it pointless, still have to do looo... i shall finish it before the holidays and enjoy myself after ~ :D

last day of internship : 12th June 2010, or earlier!

countdown : 31 days

my internship's somewhere in kl city there. in hotel istana. so i travel a few hours a day to get there and a few more to get back. so my transportation fee will slowly build up everyday. plus no allowance, i always complain about it loooo.

the ppl there are nice... but since im in hr office. the staff there knows every single ppl in the hotel. i feel inferior. plus my memory is super bad, i didnt really like it.... but i got used to it and dun bother that much anymore. starting to remember/recognize more ppl though.

the uniform there from mon to fri is formal. and for saturday is batik. sooooo mafan. just for 4 hrs, have to wear batik. my next sat i shall wear formal! coz my training manager was wearing formal coz she say her batik still washing .....

im getting fatter!! coz the food there is nice. and i tend to take a lot also T-T

have to exercise and diet liao...


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